Day 9 at Eclipse – Barbell Complex, TRX and More

Day 9 at Eclipse – Barbell Complex, TRX and More

Workout Log:

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Hey everyone! finally I’m ready to blog. I just hope this connection holds up while i do this. I am honestly sick of slow net speeds in the Philippines. Or is it just this certain Net provider that sucks. Anyway. This post was for Nov 23, i know its long overdue but there isn’t much i can do about it. Better late than never i always say.

So here is what went down on my 9th day at the Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center. I went in during the afternoon because I came from the consulate. So this time around it was Coach Zach (or was it Zack) who assisted me with my workout. He said that we were going to do Barbell Complex and TRX.

So of course I started with my usual Cardio on the Elliptical which is something I look forward to actually because that means I get to go on facebook and read manga while sweating it out at the gym. Talk about multi tasking. 😛

Okay back to the program I made today:

So for the Barbell Complex we started with Barbell Dead lifts. 20 pounds and 5 repetitions.

Sumo Dead LiftsSumo Dead Lifts

After that we did Bent Over Barbell Row. I don’t think I was able to take a photo of that for some reason. Anyway we did 20 pounds for 5 reps.

Bent Over Barbell Row

We moved right on to High Pulls. Same thins 20 pounds 5 repetitions. Here is something I want to share with you guys. Every time I do high pulls my upper left lip curls upwards involuntarily for some reason. Hahahah! So i really need to make my mouth rounded while I exhale so that I don’t look silly with my upper left side of my lip “snarling” when I lift. Does a similar thing happen to you guys as well?

High Pulls

The next one I had to do for the Barbell complex was the Front Barbell Squat. This was my first time doing this exercise so I had a bit of a difficulty getting my arms in the correct position at first. I have a hindrance in front of me called Boobs which throws me off during some exercises. hahaha!

Front Barbell SquatFront Barbell Squat

Next up are Push press. So here something to share with you guys. My perfomance when doing Push Press shows that I have a hard time with it. I admit it gets harder the further along in the program I’m in because it starts to get really heavy, but I hope I improve and get better at it. 😛

Push Press

The last part of the Barbell complex was the Barbell Squats.

Barbell Squat

Barbell Squat

So that concluded the Barbell Complex. So I did them 5 reps each all in one go and then that counted as one set. Rested for about 2 minutes I think (if memory serves me right) then did one set of everything again. So all in all it was a total of 5 sets. I had lots of fun with that part of the program.

So after that I was introduced to the TRX or suspension training (is what its called I think).

First we did suspension trainer push ups. I was hesitant at first because if you all remember I am very weak when it comes to push ups. But I was told not to put myself at a difficult angle at first so I can actually pull myself up and not waste a perfectly great workout.  So I did and I was very very proud of myself! I did 3 sets of 15 reps each!

Suspension Trainer Pushups
Suspension Trainer pushups

Next up for TRX was body weight one leg squats. This one was a bit more challenging because my legs were still very sore from whatever I did the previous days so I was a bit shakey. 2 sets 10 reps each.

Body Weight one leg squat on TRXBody Weight one leg squat on TRX

If you noticed or is wondering why I only had 2 sets for the one leg squat its because in between the 2 sets I did 1 set of Single leg lunges on the TRX which proved to be most difficult for me because apparently my balance was very poor… or rather my stability was EXtremely POOR to say the least. I barely made it through 1 set which is why i was made to just switch back to the one leg squat instead of the lunges. As you will see in the photos below it seems as if I am about to fall, which is true. Hahahah! 10 reps 1 set.

Body weight singel leg lunge on TRX

Body weight singel leg lunge on TRX

The next part of my program really excited me the most! My first time working with a Kettel Bell! SQUEEEEE! I always heard tons of great things on the kettlebell and lo and behold it holds up to its reputation of being a very effective and fun workout! Although I had a bit of a tough time getting the right stance and movements right. When I finally got into the right movements it was so much fun!
14 kg so thats 30.5 pounds 5 reps 5 sets of Two Arm KettelBell Swing

Two Arm KettelBell Swing
Two Arm KettelBell Swing

Last but not the least Stability Ball Jack Knife Sit ups! Oh man! That was probably the most difficult time I had with an Ab workout! it could be because I was already a bit tired from the other workouts I did and not to mention that day I had just come from a very stressful time at the consulate. So I kinda crawled my way through that workout (figuratively speaking). But I felt a huge wave of relief and sense of success after the entire program.

Stability Ball Jack Knife Sit UpsStability Ball Jack knife sit UpStability Ball Jack Knife Sit upsAnd As proof to show that I was glad I was finished and that i was exhausted beyond anything. here is a photos taken of me after my jack knife sit ups. Hahaha

Lara NOvales Tired

Lara Novales Fitness Coach for the day

This is Coach Zack (Zach?). He was the person responsible for the assassination of my fats and the training of my muscles. 😛 Though I was pooped at the end I had such a great time! It was AMAZING! Thank you!

Lara Novales with two Fitness Coach from Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center Mabini Branch. Coach Ricky and Coahc Zach (Zack?)

The two coaches who whips my butt in the afternoons at the Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center in Mabini, Manila. Coach Zach (Zack?) left side and Coach Ricky on the right with the tattoos. My afternoons are always great when they are there to push me to do the best I can during workouts!

And I finally conclude my much needed and much delayed post for Day 9 at the Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center! Thanks again you guys!

Lara Krystle Novales
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