Day Eight at Eclipse Gym – Circuit Training

Day Eight at Eclipse Gym – Circuit Training

Food Log:

1 Banana

Choco Banana Protien Shake
100 grams green peas

none :(

The rest of my peas

Sh*t load

Workout Log:

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Okay so today I did circuit training. Here are some photos for you all. Mind you I was feeling rather sluggish while posting this because I had to edit a hundred other cosplay photos which took up waaay too much time. And by the time I got to my workout photos I was just like “Pixlr-o-matic please save me” and thus it did. So please bear with the “Aladdin filter”

So I mentioned that we did Circuit Training today but what is it exactly?

Circuit training high-intensity aerobics is a form of body conditioning or resistance training. It is easy to follow and targets strength building as well as muscular endurance. An exercise “circuit” is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program. When one circuit is complete, one begins the first exercise again for the next circuit. Traditionally, the time between exercises in circuit training is short, often with rapid movement to the next exercise. – Wikipedia

So first I was given a pair of Dumbbells weighing 5lbs. Yes it is light but as you continue on it starts getting heavy and heavier. We started out with some Dumbbell Split Squats. 15 Reps

Dumbbell Split Squat with 5lbs

After the split squats I immediately moved to some Thrusters. Where you sit and then thrust yourself up bringing the dumbbells above over your head. 15 reps


then we proceeded to Dumbbell Step Ups. With your arms on your sides at first, you then step up on the platform and then curl the dumbbell towards your chest like in the photo. One leg will be hanging in the back so make sure you get a steady footing. Then go back down and step up with the other foot. 15 reps.Dumbbell Step ups

On to the next part which is Dumbbell Bench Press. We all know what bench presses are right? Place weights/dumbbells on either side of your chest while lyring down on a bench. Press dumbbells up with elbows to sides until arms are extended. Lower weight to sides of upper chest until slight stretch is felt in chest or shoulder. 15 reps.Lara Novales Dumbbell Bench Press 1Lara Novales Dumbbell Bench Press 2

With a dumbbell in each hand (palms facing your torso), bend your knees slightly and bring your torso forward by bending at the waist; as you bend make sure to keep your back straight until it is almost parallel to the floor. Tip: Make sure that you keep the head up. The weights should hang directly in front of you as your arms hang perpendicular to the floor and your torso. This is your starting position.While keeping the torso stationary, lift the dumbbells to your side (as you breathe out), keeping the elbows close to the body (do not exert any force with the forearm other than holding the weights). On the top contracted position, squeeze the back muscles and hold for a second.Slowly lower the weight again to the starting position as you inhale.

Bent Over Two Dumbbell RowStand with dumbbells grasped to sides.Bend knees forward while allowing hips to bend back behind, keeping back straight and knees pointed same direction as feet. Descend until thighs are just past parallel to floor. Extend knees and hips until legs are straight. Return and repeat.

Dumbbell SquatsStart with dumbbells to the sides and then raise on dumbbell up. Put the same foot forward as the raised dumbbell. Lunge forward with first leg. Land on heel then forefoot. Lower body by flexing knee and hip of front leg until knee of rear leg is almost in contact with floor. Return to original standing position by forcibly extending hip and knee of forward leg. Repeat on other leg. 15 repsDumbbell LungesStart with feet slightly wider apart than shoulder width. Squat down with arms extended downward between legs and grasp the dumbbells and put them together. Position shoulder over dumbbells with taut low back and trunk close to vertical.Pull both dumbbells up and foward off of floor by standing up. Immediately squat down slightly and swing them back under hips. Quickly swing the dumbbells up by raising upper body upright and extending legs. 15 reps.

Grasp two dumbbells. Lie supine on bench. Support dumbbells above upper chest with arms fixed in slightly bent position. Bend elbows slightly and internally rotate shoulders so elbows point out to sides.Lower dumbbells outward to sides of shoulders. Keep elbows fixed in slightly bent position. When a stretch is felt in chest or shoulders, bring dumbbells back together in hugging motion above upper chest until dumbbells are nearly together. 15 Reps

Incline Dumbbell FlyersIncline Dumbbell FlyersTo do the hanging bent knee leg raise, hang from a pullup bar or other secure, horizontal bar. Lift your feet off the floor and make sure your body is vertical to the floor. Do not swing. Exhale, and pull your knees up and in toward your chest. Allow your lower back to round as you pull your legs up and in. Pause for a count and then slowly lower your legs back to the vertical position.

Hanging Bent Leg RaiseHanging Bent Leg Raise

before the Hanging Bent Leg Raise I did some Ab machine Crunches. The usual 120lbs 20 Reps.

I really enjoyed my workout today! I love lifting weights/dumbbells because it makes me feel good about myself and if makes me have hope in knowing I will become even stronger tomorrow. I always thought before that lifting for women will make us look bulky but that is really not the case. Our bodes are different from men. We don’t bulk up unless we take in a lot of other stuff and live in the gym. When women lift we just become stronger, lean and oh so fine and sexeh. So all you hopefuls out there don’t be afraid of the weights! Lift weights to lose weight. *-*

Lara Krystle Novales
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