Day Four at Eclipse Gym – Power Sets!

Day Four at Eclipse Gym – Power Sets!

Food Log:

2 Bananas

Shishamo Fish
Spicy Maguro Maki

1 whole (med-sized) Tilapia
1 cup rice

4 pcs Takoyaki

Sh*t load

Workout Log:

Elliptical Trainer:
0:20:00 || High Intensity

High Pull:
22lbs x 5 Reps x 14 Sets

Push Press:
18 lb x 5 reps x 14 sets 

Squat Clean:
45 lb x 5 reps x 14 reps 

Ab Crunch Machine:
80 lb x 15 reps
110 lb x 15 reps x 5 sets



Hey guys! I know I am one day or rather 2 days behind with posts. its the weekend so I have places to go and people to see. :P I do have a life outside the weight loss/ fitness world surprising as that may sound to some. ^-^

Anyway this is what I did during my 4th day at Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center

Set for my power sets!Coach Vic said that i was going to do power sets that day. Basically we start with 5 reps of High Pulls (green weights), then move immediately over to Squats (metal rod on the right side of photo), then heading over to do some Push Press (blue weights) with only 40 secs of rest in between sets. So one round of High pulls, Squats, and push press is = 1 set, rest for 40 secs and repeat. We did a total of 14 Sets of 5 reps. It was challenging but I loved it!

Lara Novales Eclipse Gym High Press

5 Reps of High Pulls x 14 sets

Lara Novales Eclipse Gym Squats clean

5 reps of Squats x 14 sets


Lara Novales Eclipse Gym Push Press

5 Reps x 14 sets of Push Press

Keeping track of sets done

This is how we kept track of how many sets I finished so not to forget.

After the power set we headed on to the Ab Crunch Machine and started murdering my abdominal muscles. :P

Lara Novales Eclipse Gym Ab Crunch Machine 110lbs

110 lbs for the abs. I was pretty cool! I know other people lift more than that but Im still so damn proud of myself. :P


Lara Novales Eclipse Gym Ab Crunch Machine with 110 lbs

Here is yours truly sweating and crunching it out like there is no tomorrow

So that concluded my workout for that day! I loved the power sets because after completing all 14 sets I had a HUGE sense of Accomplishment! Who’d have thought I can actually pull those off (pun slightly intended). Anyway after working out I headed out to Mall of Asia to grab some lunch and also a snack. I managed to have the most AMAZING takoyaki ever!

Philippines best Takoyaki in Mall of Asia

Japanese Octopus Balls from a kiosk in Mall Of Asia

That about wraps this entry up! What did you think of my leggings?

Lara Krystle Novales
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