Day Five at Eclipse Gym – Lifts, Pulls, Dip n Crunc

Day Five at Eclipse Gym – Lifts, Pulls, Dip n Crunch!

Food Log:

Seafood Marinara

1/4 bangus
1 cup rice

none 😦

4 pcs Takoyaki

Sh*t load

Workout Log:

Elliptical Trainer:
0:20:00 || High Intensity

Sumo Deadlift:
45 lb x 5 reps
80 lb x 5 reps x 14 Sets

5 reps || assisted || 110 lb x 14 sets 

Machine Dips:
90 lb x 5 reps x 14 reps 

Ab Crunch Machine:
80 lb x 15 reps
120 lb x 15 reps x 5 sets

 Flat Straight Leg Raise:
15 reps x 3 sets


Okay Day 5 of a non – vampirical Eclipse day. 😛 For some reason search results Stats are showing that people who look for the Twilight saga end up here because of the term “ECLIPSE” hahahaha! Well fitness is much better than fictional shiny vampires at most. Don’t get me wrong I liked the Twilight books, I just wished they never made it into a movie. Anyway Enough about that. Time to get into the nitty gritty details of my workout today… well technically it was yesterday, but that doesn’t really matter because people will be reading this in different times. So here is DAY FIVE!

Lara Novales Eclipse Gym Sumo Dead LiftLara Novales Eclipse Gym Sumo Dead Lifts 80lbs

So first I was made to do 14 sets of Sumo Dead Lifts. as you can see my grip is right hand from above and left hand from below because my right hand is the stronger and more dominant one. so I lifted 80 lbs 14 sets of 5 repetitions each. Truth be told by the 8th set it started getting super heavy I thought I was not going to finish it, but I did! So yeay for determination!

Lara Novales Assisted Pull ups at the Eclipse GymLara Novales Eclipse Gym pull ups assisted with machine

Lara Novales Eclipse Gym machine Dips

Pull ups and Dips… here is one thing you should know about me (if you don’t already). My arms are probably the weakest muscles in body, specially my triceps. Dips are torturous for me but as Coach Vic always says, “Never Back DOWN!” so I just did it and completed my 14 sets of Pull ups and dips. Im going to really work hard on my weak spots so I can be stronger! 

Lara Novales Ab Crunch Machine Eclipse Gym Manila

And of course what kind of session will be it be without the Ab Crunch Machine? This time we increased the weight from 110 to 120 lbs. I practically died but I loved it! After the ab crunch Coach asked me to do some leg raises. I gotta tell you I felt really strong this time around doing leg raises because I am now able to bring my legs practically parallel to the ground and then bring them straight up without using any kind of momentum, just sheer muscle power. 😛 So I’m really happy about that! So much improvement within me in just a span of 5 days! Sunday, which is today, is my rest day from the gym in order for my muscles to recover from 5 days straight of training. Although I have to tell you guys I’m already looking forward to going back tomorrow!

Anyway, after working out I met a fellow gym-goer, weight loss enthusiast, thinspierer/fitspirer while changing in the locker room. If i recall correctly her name was Alelie/Alely… I’m not so sure about the spelling so please forgive me. 😦 She had lots of stories to tell about her weight loss and fitness journey and I had a great time chatting with her. I hope to see her in the gym again if our schedule coincide with each other. *fingers crossed*

Lara Novales and Alelie/Alely?

This is me and the girl I met whose name I dunno how to spell. 😦 Alely? Alelie? Aleli? waaahh

I saw Angela again today. If you don’t remember who she is I mentioned her in THIS POST. And as promised I now have a photo with her. 

Lara Novales and Angela Balagtas at Eclipse Gym

Me and Angela posing for the cameras expertly showing off our “good” side 😛

Also I met another member of the Eclipse staff, Malou. If I am not mistaken she is the one in charge of the Canteen/snack bar at Eclipse (please correct me if I’m wrong).

Lara Novales and Malou of Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center Manila

Me and Malou

Angela Balagtas, Lara Novales, and Malou at Eclipse Fitness Center Manila

Angela, me, and Malou

And that wraps up my workout day 5 at Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center! be sure to check out their website and also like their Facebook page.

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