Third Eclipsified Day – Bring On The Agility Ladder

Day Three at Eclipse Gym

Food Log:

1 Banana
Tuna Sandwhich with cheese

1 cup rice
Adobong Pusit


Chewy Junior
3 Cheese Sticks

Sh*t load

Workout Log:

Elliptical Trainer:
0:20:00 || Moderate

Agility Ladder Drills:
0:02:00 || Intense! 
0:02:00 || Intense! 
0:02:00 || The Gods Hate Me! 

Dumbbell Step Ups:
3 lb x 20 reps || 15 in
3 lb x 20 reps || 15 in
3 lb x 20 reps || 15 in
3 lb x 20 reps || 15 in
3 lb x 20 reps || 15 in
3 lb x 20 reps || 15 in
Oh and also it supposed to be a body weight single step up but i couldnt find the workout to track it here. 

Cable Crunch:
40 lb x 20 reps 
60 lb x 20 reps 
60 lb x 20 reps 
60 lb x 20 reps 
60 lb x 20 reps 
60 lb x 20 reps 


Good day everyone! I’m here again for another day of sharing with you me Experiences at Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center. But before that let me run you through how my morning went. My Alarm went off at around 5am because I knew before hand that I was going to have difficulties getting up. Lo and Behold I was right. The moment my alarm went off I couldn’t move a single muscle in my body, save my eyes and toes. Sore like crazy so it took me almost an hour before I could get up. Headed straight to the shower and took a cold bath. That kinda soothed it a bit. Soon there after I headed out the door and made my way to the gym for another day’s delicious and sweet torture. ^-^

So Coach Victor did mention to me that we were going to focus on “Functional Cardio“. So he took out the Agility Ladder and made me do a couple of drills that made me really out of breath. Don’t get me wrong I was able to FINISH the drills struggling a bit at the end while doing the Body Weight Single Leg Step Ups (is that what you call it?). 

Lara Novales Functional Cardio, Agility Ladder Drills

Sorry about the photo, its an iPadInstagram” photo. But that is basically what I did for my workout today. Oh and of course I did some Ab workouts (well just 1 to be honest) its the Rope Crunch or Cable Crunch. Too bad i didn’t have a photo of it but thank you to google images this is what it looks like:

I really enjoy working with weights and the machines because it helps me discover my strengths and weaknesses I never knew I had. And when I actually accomplish something I feel so great like I can totally do more and take on the world. Plus Coach Vic is wonderful! 

I met several new people today in Eclipse. One was Angela from the Shaw branch of Eclipse. I met her while I was in the locker room we had a great chat and she asked me to come visit sometime at their Shaw Branch, I definitely would like to visit and meet the other Eclipse-ians there I jsut don’t know when I can actually go to Mandaluyong city its quite far, but I will do my best to go there. Angela was really sweet and welcoming. 
Next I met another one of the Coahes there, Ricky (I hope the spelling is correct). We spent some time talking about health and fitness related stuff along with some random stuff as well. And just like everyone else I have met in that gym, Coach Ricky has a very welcoming personality, its like his vibes are that of a really good friend you’ve known for a long time. He usually arrives at the Mabini Branch late mornings until late afternoons-evenings. He’s asking me to try going during the afternoons so I can meet more people and see the fun and crazy people of the Eclipse Family. I will definitely do that!

Lara Novales and COach Ricky of Eclipse Gym

Coach Ricky and me

Lara Novales and Coach Victor Palo Eclipse 24/7 FItness CenterLara Novales and Coach Victor Palo of Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center

So there you go. Again I apologize for my not–so-great quality photos. I’ll try to take them better next time. :) 

Lara Krystle Novales
Thinspirational Journey | Fit, Healthy, & Beautiful
Weight Loss and Fitness Blogger

3 thoughts on “Third Eclipsified Day – Bring On The Agility Ladder

  1. Geneva

    Are there any lady trainers there at eclipse? I’m a bit conscious about that because we had a male trainer when we first went to a gym years ago and we felt that he’s up to something bad. So we never went to the gym again after that.


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