HongKong Part 01 – Arrival in HongKong | Risotto

Hong Kong Trip Pt. 1

So I went to Hong Kong to take care of some visa matters and its a wonderful thing that I have relatives there so I can visit them too! My Aunt and her family lives in Hong Kong because she is based there due to her job at Cathay Pacific Airways. As far as I know she is a Senior Purser there. It was probably my 4th or 5th time to visit Hong Kong,half of those times I went there along via train from Beijing, China because its fairly cheap (about 500 RMB for the cheapest sleeper ticket) and I love to travel via train because I get to sleep and rest for the entire 24 hours* of the way.

*It takes 24-25 hours VIA train from Beijing to Hong Kong

Anyway upon arriving in Hong Kong at the Hong Hum station, I took a cab going to Laguna City which is the complex where my relatives live. It was an easy taxi ride because most of the taxi drivers in Hong Kong can speak and understand enough English. Plus Laguna City is a place that everyone kinda knows. 

So anyway, when I got to their house I was fed with Laing and fresh spinach and then some tea to finish, unfortunately I was unable to take Photos of the food at the moment because I was just exhausted from the trip. 

Evening came and my Aunt taught me and my younger cousin, Libby (Who is much taller than me) how to cook RISOTTO. 

Christy Pecho pianPiano cooking Risotti with Libby Pianpiano

My Aunt and cousin cooking up a Risotto storm!

Aunt Christy Pianpiano cooking up a storm (risotto)

Auntie cooking up a storm

Christy Pianpiano Risotto Ready to serve

Ready to serve!


Christy Pianpiano Risotto

That looks absolutely delicious! And it actually was!

So on my first Day in HongKong i learned how to cook the most delicious Risotto I have ever tasted in my life!

Who wants the recipe to this? 

Lara Krystle Novales
Thinspirational Journey | Fit, Healthy, & Beautiful




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