Hong Kong Pt. 2 – Paisano’s Pizzeria

My Hong Kong Trip Part 02

Paisano’s Pizzeria

Joshua Pianpiano  Libby Pianpiano Lara Novales counsins in HongKong

My two tall cousins stopping by at a Pizza place at Wan Chai, Hong Kongwhile on the the way to The Vine Church

Man from Paisano's Pizzeria making delicious... sinful mouthwatering pizza

Man from Paisano’s Pizzeria making delicious… sinful mouthwatering pizza

Paisano Pizzeria Wan Chai Hong Kong

Paisano Pizzeria in Wan Chai,Hong Kong

Lara Novales with cousin Olivia "Libby" Pianpiano at Paisano's

with my younger cousin at Paisano’s waiting for our pizzas to be finished

Joshua Pianopiano and Lara Novales at Paisano's Pizzeria Wan chai hongkong

With my cousin, Josh waiting outside Paisano’s Pizzeria 🙂

Lara Novales eating huge Vegetarian Pizza from Paisano's Pizzeria at Wan Chai Hong Kong

eating my super huge Vegetarian pizza while walking towards The Vine church.

Olivia "Libby" Pianpiano and Joshua PianPiano oustide the Vine church trying to finishtheir pizza's from Paisano's Pizzeria

my two cousins trying to finish their giant pizzas before heading in to church

yes I indulged myself to a giant slice of pizza from Paisano’s Pizzeria! It was good… but a little too big for my tastes. I think 5 of us weight loss bloggers can share one slice! How many of us do you think it will take to finish an entire Pizza?

Lara Krystle Novales
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