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October’s Featured Inspiration Today (F.I.T.) !


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Hey guys!! Finally our very first F.I.T.ster!!!!! I have been following her blog for a while now and truth be told she was one of the main reasons why I really resolved to really WANT to weight lift! Her transformation is incredible! Her dedication is just insane! For anyone who wants and is trying to become fit and thinks that weight lifting is NOT the solution… well you haven’t seen Constance. She is not yet done with her fitness journey but she is looking fabulous! Which is why she is out F.I.T.ster for this month of October. So read on and be inspired and motivated!

Her Thinspirational Journey to Fit, Healthy and Beautiful Story:

Hi, my name is Constance. I currently have two blogs, Becoming She-Hulk where I post daily about my struggles through weight loss, as well as fitness, and Constance’s Weight Loss Challenge where I challenge YOU to lose more weight than me during the week. I suggest you check both out, the Challenge has many members all pushing each other towards their weight loss goals every week.

Enough about my blogs, I have personally lost 115lbs (and still losing!). I lost the weight in 8 months following the Dukan Diet and I lost the weight while doing not a single minute of exercise. When I did hit the gym though… first try and I fell in love with weight training. I wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition and thought I had to change my diet up, and have been struggling with gaining and losing the same 30lbs since. I know now that the diet for me is Dukan and that I should have never strayed, I am back on it for good and am back to dropping that 30lbs and MORE. Back and better than ever baby!

 Losing the weight was an easy process since I was fortunate enough to find a diet that really works for me, when you find one, stick to it and never cheat! I didn’t cheat on my birthday, for Christmas, nothing. I didn’t have to. I feel in love with whole, healthy foods, cooking… it has been an amazing journey. I used to weigh almost 270lbs and I hated every day of it. I felt unattractive, I was always sick, spraining my ankles, in pain. Not anymore! This diet for me, became a total lifestyle change and I am so happy to have taken the leap.

Her Typical Meal in a Day:

I follow the Dukan Diet to lose my weight so my daily diet consists of lots of lean protein like fish and chicken, as well as pork every once and a while, eggs (whole eggs), 3tbsp of oat bran a day, protein powder when I am training, veggies every once in a while, and nonfat no sugar dairy products. No sugar, no carbs, not ever. I don’t allow myself cheat meals.

Her Favourite Work Out/s:

I am in love with weight training. As a woman I think it is so important for women to get into weight training, pushing themselves in the gym to go heavier and heavier. My favorite feeling is when I catch a guy at the gym staring because I am single-dumbbell rowing heavier than any other bro at the gym. Because I lift heavy and try to challenge myself, it gets my butt to the gym and I see results! I used to be so afraid of the weight section, calling it the ‘guy part of the gym’ but no more! As a woman you can’t bulk up (trust me, I’VE TRIED!). You only get a sexy shape and gorgeous lean muscles! So go do it!

Thoughts on Goals and Reward Systems for Weight Loss:

I feel like nothing can be achieved without a well thought out goal, and I personally think a reward system never hurt anybody. 😉 I am always readjusting my short term and long term goals, making sure they are realistic to my current situation, can still challenge me and push me forward, while having a timeline and step by step process, making sure I can achieve them and move on to my next goal! It’s all about progress.

Have you tried any of the Challenges/Recipes/Tips on the Thinspirational Journey site? What do you think of it?

I had not but I will certainly take a look now! Lots of interesting information. 🙂

Her Weight loss and Fitness Advice to all your F.I.T.sters out there:

Be consistent with your efforts! When it comes to achieving anything, if you have a solid, well thought out goal and you consistently put in the effort, you will see results!

There you have it folks!! If you want to share your inspirational (Thinspirational) journey and become one of T.J.F.H.B. FITsters! Read this post on how to be F.I.T. and email me at thinspirationaljourney@gmail.com

Lara Krystle Novales
Thinspirational Journey – Fit Healthy and Beautiful


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