Making a 30 Day Pilates (Blogilates) Challenge

Hey Everyone!

okay Im going straight to the point! I have been so out of shape (kinda) recently. I said I gained 1.5 lbs. but it turns out I gained much more than that. try 3 lbs. 😦 WAAAAAHHHH. its my fault and I take responsibility and I can’t blame it on any other thing. I got lazy and I was not working out like I used to (despite me saying all the time that i need to get my butt off the ground and do something.
 So I have decided to make a new 30 Day Challenge!

But Im not quite sure which one to focus on. I mean I already am on a vegetarian diet, and I don’t eat junk food or fast food. So my challenges no longer apply to me.

So I think Im going to make a 30 Day Pilates Challenge! ! !  So here is a basic draft of it. Once I finalize it tonight I will post it under the FUN+   ->   CHALLENGES+ tab/menu t the top menu bar of the site.


  1. . Do you know BLOGILATES? if yes which workout video is your favourite? if no go visit her site at
  2.  . Post your Stats (height, weight, waist) and  a photo (for before and after)
  3. . When did you start attempting to lose weight and why?
  4. . what is your Ultimate Goal Weight?
  5. . Would you prefer to be model waifish skinny? or to be like Victoria Secret models who are fit? why?
  6. . Pelvic bones or abs? why?
  7. . How did you learn about Pilates?
  8. . What is your favourite Pilates move?
  9. . What is the easiest move in Pilates for you?
  10. . Which Pilates move do you think is hardest for you?
  11. . Which Pilates move would like to be able to do in the future?
  12. . Do you do yoga?
  13. . How long can you hold your planks?
  14. . What is your favourite Pilates move that targest the waist line?
  15. . Which part of your body do you think is the strongest and does not need SO much work to improve on?
  16. . Which part of your body do you think is the weakest and that you need to really train and focus on?
  17. . Do you like her videos?
  18. . Which is your favourite Blogilates POP PILATES move?
  19. . Have you tried any of her H.I.T.T. workouts? Which one is your favourite? Why?
  20. . Have you tried her POP CARDIO workouts? Which one is your favourite? Why?
  21. . Have you done any of her Workout Challenges? Which one is your favourite? why?
  22. . What is your favourite Pre workout food? why?
  23. . What is your favourite Post Workout food? Why?
  24. . Do you think Pilates will help you lose weight? Why or Why not?
  25. . Do you feel slightly stronger now that you’ve done Pilates for more than two weeks?
  26. . What other workouts do you do?
  27. . Share you typical meal in a day?
  28. . Will you share this challenge to our friends and family or to your blog/s?
  29. . DO you think Pilates can be addictive?
  30. . Post your new stats. An After photo. And show off your new abs and arms. (they’re still baby muscles but at least you started it. 😛

So there you have it. 😛 a 30 Day Pilates Challenge QUESTIONS. Now I need to make sure I put in the what needs to be done in weekly dozes. So I have to think about that.

Mondays: Cardio + Abs

Tuesdays: Cardio + Abs + Legs

Wednesdays: Cardio + Abs + Arms

Thursdays: Cardio + Abs + Back

Fridays: Cardio + Abs

Saturday: Cardio + whichever target area you would like

Sunday: Cardio + Abs + Arms

I will leave this at this for now. But I will post this soon enough. So stay tuned for it okay? I need to make sure I get the right ones. And I am crediting all the conent here to Cassey Ho because I will be using her workouts for this.

Lara Krystle Novales
Thinspirational Journey | Fit, Healthy, & Beautiful



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