Meatless Mondays – An Introduction

Hey everyone! Since turning vegetarian I have to say its been the best thing that happened to be healthy and fitness wise! But I know how some of you feel like you want to go vegetarian but is afraid that you’ll miss meat too much so I’m going to introduce to you guys MEATLESS MONDAYS. Some of you may already know about this which is good. So together with Monday Munchers I want to also include Meatless Monday Recipes! I just got hold the Meatless Monday book and I am ecstatic to share some of the recipes there with you. 😛

Here’s The intro from the book itself:

Meatless Monday is a weekly start to a Healthier America (WORLD) and a Healthier You! By eating  less meat and fatty dairy foods, you will be cutting your main source of unhealthy saturated fat. More importantly, you’ll make room on your plate for healthier foods, such as fruits and vegetables.
Just one day a week – Give it a try!


On average, Americans eat 84
pounds more meat per year than
recommended by the American Heart

Meatless Monday is about BALANCING your plate and eating healthier by taking
small steps. Inch by inch, Monday by Monday.

The Math Behind Meatless Monday:

On average, Americans should reduce their saturated fat intake by 15%.
One day out of seven equals 15%!

“Use plant foods as the foundation of your meals”


Everyone needs some fat to be healthy, but not all fat is the same. Different types of fats have  different effects on your health, especially on your cholesterol. Saturated fats raise bad cholesterol and YOUR risk for heart disease.

Move away from:

Red meats, such as beef, pork, lamb and veal
• Whole milk and cheese
• Butter, cream, lard and shortening
• Coconut and palm oils


Children and women of childbearing age should limit the following fish that may contain unsafe  amounts of mercury and other toxins: swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, shark, and albacore tuna.  Choose canned light tuna over albacore or white

Polyunsaturated fats lower bad cholesterol (a good thing!), but may also lower your good cholesterol. Omega 3s are the SUPERSTARS of polyunsaturated fats — they raise good cholesterol and help prevent heart attacks, among a host of other amazing health benefits.

Try to eat TWO servings each
week of fatty fish, such as salmon,
mackerel, sardines, herring and
rainbow trout. Another good
source is ground flaxseed or
flaxseed oils.

Monounsaturated fats are the best types of fat you can eat. They lower your bad cholesterol, but  not your good cholesterol.

Replace your saturated fats with:
• olives and olive oils
• canola oils
• peanuts and peanut butter
• walnuts
• avocados

Trans-fats are just as bad for you as saturated fats, maybe even WORSE!
Trans-fats are hidden in many different foods.

Avoid foods with ‘hydrogenated’
or “partially-hydrogenated” in the
first few ingredients on the
nutrition label.


An egg a day is okay! The cholesterol in eggs has less impact on your blood cholesterol levels than the saturated fat in meat.

SOY Not just Tofu anymore!

Soy is popping up everywhere and transforming the way ‘meatless’ foods look and taste! It’s being used to create healthy, high-protein, meatless alternatives to your old favorites: burgers, hot dogs,  lunch meat, cheese, Italian and breakfast sausage, meatballs, taco meat and chicken patties. You  won’t even miss the meat!


 Next time you make spaghetti with meat sauce at home, substitute ground soy crumbles (Italian sausage or ground beef flavor) or fake meatballs and see if your family even notices.

Fruits & Vegetables:

the key to good health Only 1 out of 5 Americans eat 5 to 9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables.  These foods PROTECT us against heart disease, cancers, stroke, diabetes and obesity. They also prevent vision loss, memory impairment, bone loss, and may even keep you looking younger! What’s not to love?? Canned, fresh or frozen, aim for at least FIVE a day…The more, the better. Men should get NINE servings daily!
• Start the day with a glass of 100% juice
• Snack on fresh or dried fruit throughout the day
• Put out veggies with low-fat dressing or dip before dinner or as a weekend snack
• Make fruit the main attraction for dessert – use low-fat yogurt as a dip, or top low-fat frozen yogurt with berries or mango
• Kids, and adults, love smoothies: blend some fresh or frozen berries with bananas, honey and low-fat milk or yogurt
• Toss veggies into pasta 2 minutes before it’s done cooking
• Avoid cooking in butter or overcooking ♥

So there you have it. The intro to Meatless Mondays! So stay tuned this Monday for our 4M post (Meatless Monday and Monday Munchers)!!

Lara Krystle Novales
Thinspirational Journey | Fit, Healthy, & Beautiful
Weight Loss and Fitness Blogger


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    Precisely what genuinely influenced u to write “Meatless
    Mondays – An Introduction | Thinspirational Journey”?

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