Becoming a Personal Trainer

Becoming a Personal Trainer

For a few months now I have been wanting to become a personal trainer. Meaning I have to study for it. But of course before anything I have to pick a program/school or whatever from where I will be getting my certification from.

My initial choice was to go with ISSA – International Sports and Sciences Association because I liked their oversees support and online learning. As you all may know I am not living in the States… nor have I ever been there. So going to the U.S. to get a certification is not an option for me. So my priority is distance learning. ISSA seems to provide a very good oversees support based from what I’ve seen and read.

But I am looking into other CPT programs as well. And my other choice is  NASMNational Academy of Sports Medicine basically because I love the simplicity of their website and I think they are more well established and accredited. But the course fees are a bit too much for me though. Whereas the ISSA course fees are very frank and up front and it is something I can handle for the time being.

Do you have any thoughts on the two programs? I’d love to hear/read them. Leave a comment below or send me an email (<– which is oddly most preferred by most of T.J. readers).

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2 thoughts on “Becoming a Personal Trainer

  1. kofitness2010

    I am certified through nasm and actually helped write the performance enhancement test. A lot of places are leaning towards nasm. Their course is good and teaches you the basics of exercise phys but the opt model is something I don’t use on clients. I take maybe certain elements and thats it. Getting a cert is just so you can basically work and learn a little basic info but you will learn much more doing your own reading. email me if you have any questions at



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