Fitness Ideas for Autumn/Fall


Hey Guys, Just as I promised here are some Fall Fitness Tips brought to us but LiveStrong. The photos I took mostly from Pinterest because they usually have beautiful photos of the things a blogger would need for his/her articles. 😛 Anyway Do enjoy. And if you have any other requests or ideas for articles or tips feel free to email me at

Autumn… Cool season. Some people also call it Fall. This is the transitional Season from our hot summer days to our freezing, cold winter days. I personally love the autumn season because the weather is perfect for almost any kind of exercise. You don’t sweat as much as you do during the summer and its like you have a giant a/c in the entire city. And when its cooler we tend to either be too lay to go out and just bum around, or we get motivated to do more and take advantage of the great weather.

Fall Fitness Tips


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The crisp, fall air makes exercising outdoors invigorating and refreshing. Lower humidity in many parts of the country make it easier to think about putting on your running shoes and going for a run. Even with the change in the weather, you may find it difficult to fit exercise into your busy fall schedule. Make a commitment to working out this fall and improve your fitness level before the cold winter months begin.

Motivate Yourself

Fall Motivation

Fall is a time to recommit yourself to exercise. Take a few minutes to write down some reasons to exercise, such as lose weight before the holiday season begins, improved level of fitness and setting a good example for your family. Set an exercise goal to complete each month. Involve your friends and family and sign up together for a fall fun run as a motivation to keep your fall exercise commitment. If you are new to exercise, begin slowly by walking for 15 minutes every other day. Stay motivated by writing down your accomplishments in an activity log.

Stay Hydrated

Hydrate yourself

The cooler weather may lull you into neglecting to stay hydrated during exercise. According to the American Council on Exercise, you should drink water before, during and after exercise. Even in cool weather, your body needs water. If you are exercising less than one hour at a session, water is a perfect choice for hydration. Longer exercise sessions, such as a long training run or cycling trip, require sports drinks. Avoid drinking alcohol while exercising.

Dress in Layers

Dress in Layers

The weather may be pleasant in early fall — but can change to cool and cold before winter arrives. Be prepared by checking the weather forecast and dressing appropriately. In cool weather, avoid cotton and choose a thin shirt that has moisture wicking properties as your first layer. Wear a thicker second layer, such as a fleece jacket with a hood that you can remove when you begin to sweat. Remember to wear gloves to keep your hands warm.

Plan Ahead

Night Run

In the fall, the days shorten and you may find yourself exercising in fading light or darkness. Wear reflective clothing such as a vest, putting reflective tape on your clothing and using a flashlight. Consider joining a gym to ensure you are not tempted to skip a workout because of inclement weather. Call your mall and ask about mall walking hours. Check out your library’s DVD section and borrow an aerobics or dance exercise DVD.


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