Summer is Over: Say GoodBye to Bikinis Bodies

Hey everyone. For people who live in parts of the world with 4 seasons, we all know that summer is over. I was outside this morning accompanying my mother at the Spanish Embassy because she applied for her travel visa since she will be going to Spain and Paris for a vacation. But anyway, as I was outside, I couldn’t help but notice the drop in temperature. It was cooler now. Any traces of warmth and heat was slowly being taken away by autumn. So I wanted to take this opportunity to say goodbye to the bikini body season.

Even if some of us were not able to get our bikini body this year, we have all FALL/AUTUMN, WINTER and SPRING to work hard for it so next bikini season we will be more confident in showing off our heard earned bikini bods.

So here is some Bikini inspirational photos to mark the end of summer. And this month I will be posting about some Autumn tips. Food, Workouts, strategy and the likes. I hope you will have fun in our upcoming autumn series.

Bikini Thinspo Fitspo

Bikin Fitpos Thinspo

Bikin Fitspo Thinspo

Bikini Fitspo Thinspo

Sexy surfer chick

Athletic Surfer chick

Beautiful Summer fitspo thinspo

Beach blond locks

Bringing sexy back

Skinny Bikini

There you go! I hope you enjoyed. So girls and boys (if any) lets work harder so next time we can be posting photos of ourselves in our gorgeous bikini bodies! okay? Gambate Kudasai! (good luck)

Lara Novales
Thinspirational Journey | Fit, Healthy & Beautiful
Weight loss and Fitness blogger
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