I Literally SURVIVED The Great Wall of China

Just as promised in my previous post (I Will Make It Up To You) I will share to you guys my Great Wall Adventure!

This following post is taken from my instagram because I posted it there first because it was more convenient. If you haven’t followed me on Instagram yet You should!! Its FUN! @thinspirationaljourney

GreatWallAdventure Lara Novales

For those of your who dose not know me well, I have lived in Beijing for a total of over 5 years but during my long time here in Beijing I have never gotten the chance to step foot on the Great Wall because my schedule was always conflicting with my family trips to the Wall. But finally my mother planned a nice hiking trip to one of the unrestored and rarely visited part of the Great Wall. And the next few photos will be a recollection of how I survived my Great Wall Adventure. So stay tuned. (yeah it was a dangerous hike. We lost the path. Scaled cliffs and dried up river beds and rocks. Faced spiders and other poisonous insects. And made our way through a crumbly path) follow this post with #greatwalladventure hashtag on instagram.

GreatWallAdventure Ruth novales

Welcome to my #greatwalladventure post no. 02. This is my mom with a cute little gourd hahaha! So this is house at ChenJiaPu called Great Wall Fresh. A lot of people go there to enjoy nice off wall hikes to the magnificent Wall of China. They will serve you delicious food upon your arrival at the farmhouse and let you use their facilities and rest a bit as you prep yourself for your excursion. You can also spend the night there as they have nice quaint accommodations.

So we were dropped off at the trail’s starting point. The Chinese man said that we should just follow the path and it should lead us back out. And he said other things in Chinese that I tried to decipher with the best of my ability. Soon after all that talk Mom, Carlos-nii’chan, and I set out. In this photo, Carlos and I excitedly climbed up one of the watchtower ruins and had fun with the magnificent view. This is my first official time to touch and be on the Great Wall.

The view was really breath taking! The air was so clean and fresh and it felt so good to be away from the city smog and just inhale clean fresh air in the mountains of ChenJiaPu. In this photo. This is the unrestored part of the wall (kinda unrestored) there was absolutely no other people there. Not like the tourists spots in BaDaLing, MuTianYu or SiMaiTai sections of the wall where it’s crowded and commercialized. This was in the middle of nowhere with no other people in sight. My mother was really enjoying herself. Being away from the office and just getting all that “nature air’ into her lungs.

GreatWAllAdventure Lara Novales Carlos Dengel

Here onichan (older brother) and I taking a short breather after climbing the steep crumbly steps of this section of the wall to the next watchtower at the top. Btw. He is not really my brother, but I made him my brother because he is kinda like us and we treat him like a part of the family. So I call him onichan or nii’chan which is Japanese for older brother and he calls me imoto which is Japanese for younger sister. Just so you know.

GreatWallAdventure Lara Novales Ruth Novales

When we finally reached the second watch tower Onichan said that this is our house. So playing along with it I quickly claimed one of the areas there as my room. As you can see I have an amazing view in my room!! Hahaha being an avid Hunter x Hunter fan and a child and otaku at heart I immediately thought of kukuro mountain where the Zaoldyeck family lives. Hahahaha Anyway, going back to real life. We spent quite some time here because the breeze was cool and fresh and it was just super relaxing. I seriously would love to have a house this high up in the mountains hahaha!!

GreatWallAdventure Carlos Dengel

Onichan and mom also had a blast at our watchtower! Mum went up the top part of the tower and took in the sights from there and onichan followed. I just stayed in my “room” and rested. We were at bliss in our little watchtower overlooking the mountains. Little did we know that after this nice relaxing time we would be faced with challenged ahead.

GreatWAllAdventure SPIDER

So after staying at the watchtower for a few moments we went back to the forest path and continued on with our hike. A few moments on the trail we came into a startling halt when onichan saw this giant spider blocking one path. Can you spot it? It was really really big and I kinda freaked out!! So we decided to just avoid it and went on a different trail. But I think that was the decision that changed and marked our journey for the next 5-6 hours.

After the spider photo we started to encounter really difficult and dangerous terrains. We and because it was not advisable to take out the camera to keep taking photos this one was shot while taking a short break in the middle of the forest. There were more spiders and other insects. Mushrooms that spit out some weird substance. We climbed up walls or rocks. Followed a semi dried up stream scaling the walls and whacking the dense forestry. There was one point when we started to really worry because we realized that we were truly lost.

These were the last photos we took before we attempted to ascend the mountain. I was actually bitten by a spider I’m not sure if you can see the bruising caused by it. (unfortunately I did not turn into a super hero) We climbed and climbed. Reaching dead ends and ravines, cliffs, soft soil that can sink you to oblivion. I was really scared. There was this one point during the ascent where we were holding in to dear lives at a dangerous slope. But the view behind us was spectacular. It was unfortunate that I was not able to capture it. I would have died taking the photo. But that moment I just marveled at the gorgeous sight. Words can’t even describe the beauty of the scenery. I thought at that moment that if I were to die, might as well here, with this marvelous scene as the last thing I would have ever seen. Hahaha yeah I was that afraid that we were not going to make it out of the forest.

After what seemed like hours and hours of mindless climbing. And just when I thought that all hope was gone. We made it to the top. Right at the wall itself… Or whatever was left of it. You can’t imagine the relief we all felt when we got out of that dense forestry. I was never so happy to be on solid and even ground! Carlos and mom were obviously very happy to make it out in one piece. I was just glad to be alive! Hahaha Do we just followed the path of the wall back to the base where we started. It was only about a 30-45 min hike. Making it out of that situation alive really gives me the right to say that I SURVIVED THE GREAT WALL!! I will never forget my first visit to the Great Wall of China. I mean, who could ever forget such a frightening yet exhilarating experience such as that? I hope you guys had a good time reading about my #greatwalladventure . I apologize if it took me forever to complete the photos.

So there you have it! Straight from my Instagram!  Have you ever encountered this kind of situation before? If you were in my shoes at the time when we were really desperately lost what would you have done?


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