Well Portioned Food

Hey everyone,
Here I am again blogging from the iPad. I’m not really too happy about this but the computers are all occupied and yeah this is the only blogging device I can use at the moment. Anyway, I know this may be too much info but I FINALLY have my monthly “visitor” I’m so happy! Why? It’s because I get to move on with my life without feeling bloated and blah.

I have not weighed myself lately but from my last weigh in I was still pretty much the same. Nothing lost nothing gain. I’m at a stand still. But I’m trying to battle that stand still by being more active than I previously was. And also I have per cooked my week worth of food. Consisting of, chicken breasts, lean ground beef patties, tons of spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, and sweet potato!
I will share with you guys what the plan for this week is.





It’s actually a very awesome well balanced and well rationed diet food. The photos I posted above is the draft of it. The basic idea. You can play around with it I guess.
What I did with ,y chicken breasts was i grilled it in a grilling pan. No seasoning whatsoever.
For the beef patties, I finely chopped some garlic because I love garlic and mixed it in with the ground beef, then I added a shitload of chili powder because I love spicy food, then I added a little bit of salt to taste. I also grilled the patties. I was supposed to bake the sweet potatoes but I didn’t have any oven at my dads place so I just steamed it instead.

It’s just basically that. I got this idea from sixpackshortcuts. So kudos to him.

So how is everyone doing with weight loss?

Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales


8 thoughts on “Well Portioned Food

  1. Lela

    Oh, your meal plan looks great! Everything looks very healthy 🙂 I think I’m about the same as I was last week (as far as my weight is concerned). It’s been hot again, but I’d still like to take a nice walk or something when it’s cooler later.



    1. Krystle Lane Post author

      This is really convenient! I cooked it all today and I started today dinner. 😛 it was so great! I love the fact that it is portioned well. Although I’m pretty sure it can be a bit bland and boring but at least its a well balanced meal. And you dont have to skip any meals. 😛



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