Was it a Binge??

I don’t know if I can call this a binge but basically i over ate today. Let me tell you why and how.


It was the graduation program of my students and it was such a head ache of a program I don’t even want to go into the details of it. But basically it left all of us exhausted and tired and HUNGRY. Some of the parents got together and treated all the teachers out to this fancy Chinese HOITY-TOITY restaurant.

Some of my students and me

The food was great. And of course, it was impolite to not eat a lot. Because you know the cutoms of Chinese/Asians in general. Eat the food served to you to show gratitude. The more you eat the happier they are and the more they serve you so you can eat more so you can make them more happy! (get the picture?) So yeah.The thing is, food was not the only issue here… ALCOHOL. Chinese love to give toasts and thank you or whoever about the litlest things. And yes you are obliged to finish whatever liquor you have in your glass.  There were quite a numberof parents there so that was a LOT of toasts. And yes I got DRUNK! during LUNCH! on RED WINE! ugh. I had to go to the bathroom twice on separate times during lunch just to throw up to make more space in my stomachfor the rest of the wine and food. It was not a great feeling at all.

Me and some of my co-teachers

Me and some of my co-teachers

And because I got drunk during lunch my stomach felt like there was a black hole that I had to fill with something heavy and meaty and sinful. So for dinner I had Lasagna… 😦

I just hate myself right now for eating so much today but my stomach still feels empty because of the alcohol.

So was what I did a binge?



Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales


6 thoughts on “Was it a Binge??

  1. Elyshia Schroeder (icekitsune on twitter :3)

    Well I think it was a small one, but don’t feel too bad, it happens to all of us at points. I usually try to purge but I don’t like to often. oh u should drink /lots/ of water and exercise a lot to make up for it ^.^


    1. Krystle Lane Post author

      Thanks @enchantedenigma! Yeah a “Forced binge” it is. Well just as long as did not consume more than 5000 calories, it should be fine and I shouldn’t gain anything. but yeah it still feels crappy to over eat.
      Time to put it behind me and just keep going forward.

      Lara Krystle Lane



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