The Healthy Skinny Girl Diet

note: Don’t forget that calories from fruits and vegetables are not to be counted when doing the Healthy Skinny Girl Diet.

11 thoughts on “The Healthy Skinny Girl Diet

  1. Mildred Morrisroe

    Healthy Diet will forever be required by our bodies in order to have a very long life and additionally so that all of us will have some healthy little ones.


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  4. Emile Penaflor

    “People are so desperate to lose weight that it’s really weight loss at any cost,” says Madelyn Fernstrom, founding director of the UPMC University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Weight Management Center and author of The Real You Diet. And when that desperation sets in, says Fernstrom, “normal thinking goes out the window.” Who cares if the forbidden-foods list is longer than War and Peace? Pounds are coming off. You’re happy. But your body might not be.;

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