Basic Principles To Successful Weight Loss

Basic Principles To A Successful weight loss:

Hey guys, So I have been watching the poll lately and it seems that most of my beautiful readers want more weight loss tips so here are a few for ya’ll.
The facts I have written down here are based from my experiences and other articles I’ve read online and adapted to my own routine or lifestyle. I am not a certified nutritionist or dietician. Just an average person like many of you who are dying to lose weight and sought advice from online and friends and family and of course learned through experience. So I am putting what I know together to help you guys out with KickStarting your WeightLoss:

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One thought on “Basic Principles To Successful Weight Loss

  1. George Waldman

    Through my own personal experience when I have a cold, I’ve noticed that cough medicine is a good appetite suppressant. I’m not saying you should use it as a way to lose weight. You should only use it when you need it. I am saying this to give you some of my personal experience.



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