Healthy Meal Time (Epic Meal Time Parody)

You guys should check out this video of EPIC HEALTHY MEAL TIME! Its awesome and I think its a great idea to cook all your meals for the week in one go and eat it for the whole week.

great way to stick to your diet. LoL! hahahaha


2 thoughts on “Healthy Meal Time (Epic Meal Time Parody)

    1. Krystle Lane Post author

      Awww, Epic Meal time is more stomach upsetting. Comparing the two. Anyway They’re a great bunch of people. Body builders. They cook all their meals for a week and portion them in those containers and stick them in the fridge/freezer and thats what they have for the whole week. Controlled portions, consistent healthy meals, its really great. It explains it all in their channel and their site.




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