Journey to Skinny: I Don’t Feel Guilty… so much

Day 59
May 26, 2012

Photo Of the Day

Quote of the Day
“None of us can change our yesterdays but all of us can change our tomorrows.” ~Colin Powell


8pc McDonalds Chicken Wings (IKR!!!)

Shared nachos with my mom
Shared a Bolongaise (however you spell it) with my mom

4 hours of dance


So I had a splurge in food today and BLAH! I don’t even want to care. hahahahaha! I’m just letting it all out this weekend and getting back on track on the start of the week. I weighed myself and I only gained about .5 pounds which is good. Because the amount I have been eating is insane this weekend. But its okay because I have not been stagnant at all. So its fine. I don’t want to beat myself too much about it.

So sometime today I will be posting a video of our dance class. but I need to figure out how to convert it over to a smaller file format becuse right niw its in 118MB and that is waaaaay too big for me for a short video hahaha but I’ll post it anyway.

Anwyay I haven’t got much time right now.

How is everyone doing with their weight loss?

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