H.W.? U.G.W.? What in the World are Those?


I know I have been mentioning before how I am having a bit of a difficult time with my own Thinspirational Journey. I’m not one to write super depressing posts of bingeing and purging and what not. Although I used to, but I’m trying to avoid that at all costs. I have to admit though that those worked for me really well. ^_^

Anyway back to what I was going to say. I have to reevaluate myself to figure out where I stand right now. Then maybe after this post I will put up a new section/page with my Stats and Goals and trackers.

Highest weight: 150lbs
Starting Weight: 147lbs
Current Weight: 139lbs
Lowest Weight: 127lbs
Ultimate Goal Weight: 95lbs

Goal Weight #1: 135lbs
Goal Weight #2: 128lbs
Goal Weight #3: 124lbs
Goal Weight #4: 119lbs
Goal Weight #5: 115lbs
Goal Weight #6: 108lbs
Goal Weight #7: 103lbs
Goal Weight #8: 99lbs
Goal Weight #9: 95lbs

For those of you who are wondering what the “weight” categories I posted up there. Here is an explaination.

Highest Weight or (H.W.) is your highest weight ever recorded. It may be from way back then or not, just eh highest recorded weight of yourself.

Starting Weight or (S.W.) is mostly for those people who have been yo-yo(ing) in the weight loss journey for some time now. S.W. refers to the weight you were in when you started the “pledge” to fighting the battle of the flab.

Current Weight (C.W.) pretty much speaks for itself. Its the weight that you are currently on now. This is the one stat that should be constantly updated throughout your weightloss journey.

Lowest Weight (L.W.) refers to the lowest weight of yourself that you have recorded in the past.

Ultimate Goal Weight (U.G.W.) is you ultimate target weight.

Goal Weight # (G.W.#) is you mini weight achievements. This helps a lot in keeping one motivated. More often than not, reaching a Goal Weight comes with a reward that you promise yourself.
ex. Should I attain my G.W. #1 I will reward myself to a day in the spa. or If I reach my Goal Weight #4 I will reward myself with 2 new skirts.
Mini Goal Weights are really really helpful in keeping most of us thinspirers striving. So I really recommend that for anyone who wants to lose weight they should have those small feasible goals that comes with rewards that will surely make you feel great once you get them. Plus it also feels good to strike out the goals and see how far along you’ve come.

So there you have it.
If you want to see my Stats and Goal Page click here

Keep your head up high!
Krystle Lane


4 thoughts on “H.W.? U.G.W.? What in the World are Those?

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