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Girl Loses Weight To Cosplay

As you all may know. I cosplay, but Im not really a good cosplayer. Having this body of mine prevents me from doing some of the characters I wish to portray. But I found this article online which really motivates me a lot and I hope it motivates and give hope and inspiration to my fellow Cosplayers who wants to lose some weight.

MEET Rolan Ajo from Taiwan.


She is just like us. A girl who loves anime and is an otaku and loves to cosplay. About a couple of years ago. She weighed over 150lbg (70kg) when she first started to cosplay, but because of her figure she hated what she saw in the mirror and decided it was time to lose weight.

photos after the “more” link.

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Cosplay Thinspiration

Well guys Like I said I will post some cosplay thinspiration. Since I want to cosplay real badly I decided to post some of the more beautiful cosplayers I have ever seen in my life. Of Course Alodia is one of the ABSOLUTE BEST but here are some I found across the www. If you guys can tell me the names of these cosplayers then that would be so wonderful and I’ll thank you many times over. :)



The prettiest Hatsune Miku I have ever seen! IDC if this photos was edited. she still looks amazing!

I'd die happy if I had her stomach

You have to agree she has an awesome bod


Tiny everything and big eyes. Ugh so beautiful

Beautiful Yuna!

i <3

So thats some of them. **sigh** someday I will achieve this level of thin.

*is eating 1 slice of thin crust pizza while posting this* (ugh)

Well its time to sweat off the calories I ate today. :) See ya!