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Hong Kong pt 03 – Ramen and Clothes

My Hong Kong Trip Pt. 03

Ramen and Clothes

Vegetable Ramen at a Japanese Restaurant right beside and across from The Vine

Vegetable Ramen at a Japanese Restaurant right beside and across from The Vine

Vegetable Ramen can be shared by 3 or more people at an affordable price!

This was my serving of Ramen, (vegetable) it was okay except they didn’t  use fresh ramen noodles…. it was instant sh*t but its was okay nonetheless

Christy Pianpiano with her friend Tata

My Auntie and her friend enjoying some Ramen and Maki rolls

So after church and after that pizza splurge we went out for dinner at this Japanese Restaurant right beside The Vine. I ordered a vegetableRamen while everyone else ordered makis and rice bowls. The Ramen turned out to be big enough to serve at least 3 people! 

After dinner we went walking along the Wan Chai street and passed through numerous shops that sell cheap and amazing clothes! I bought some for myself! Here are some photos of it… WARNING: the next photos are Vanity Shots… please… Look at your own risk! ^-^

Lara Novales with outfit bought from IN & OUT from Wan Chai

Lara Novales and Illumi Zaoldyeck inspired outfit

Lara Novales and Illumi Zaoldyeck Inspired cothes from Wan chai

As you know I am such a bargain shopped so I’m super thrifty! guess how much I got the entire outfit for?

Top – 30.00 HKD ($3.80)
Pants – 50.00 HKD ($6.45)
Total – 80.00 HKD ($10.32)

Am I a great shopper or what?! Anyway let me know what you think. This look is inspired by Illumi Zaoldyeck an anime character I am cosplanning. 

Lara Novales
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Day 1 of 30 Day Pilates Challenge | Gifts From Barcelona and France

83 Days to 100 lbs

Day 1 of 30 Day Pilates Challenge

Gifts from Barcelona and France

Photo of the day:

Excersie with dino

  1. Do you know BLOGILATES? if yes which workout video is your favourite? if no go visit her site at
  • Yes I know Blogilates ^-^. My favourite workout video is the Livestrong Pilates Boot camp Total Body Sculpting/toning.

Food Entry:

DouFuNa’r – 1 Serving, and 2 Toutiao’r (chinese breakfast food)

1/4 cup cous cous with tomatoes and onion and parsley

Sweet and Sour Japanese tofu
Jiucai Jidan cai
1 cup rice

I don’t remember if I had any

Day 1 of 30 Day Pilates (blogilates) Challenge
Cardio: Bikini Blaster Cardio workout
Torso twist x40
Cork Screw x36
Criss-Cross x60
Side planks 30 sec ea side x3
Teaser 20sec x3
Stretching for 30 mins


Yes! Finally did DAY 1 of the 30 Day Pilates Challenge! And its been several weeks since I’ve last done Pilates and I have to admit that I am more out of shape than I thought I was. oh BTW I’m combining the 30 day Pilates challenge with the “to-100lbs” entries just so that there won’t be too many redundant posts.

Anyway, cardio workouts has always been my weakness (and arm workouts) mainly because I don’t have great endurance. But this challenge is really going to help me build that right back up. the 20 minutes cardio was a big killer. I dunno how Cassey can always jump all the time and do burpees like it was just a walk in the park. But hey, she’s fit and she has been doing this for a LOOONG time so figures.

I really missed the high you get after you work out and the rewarding feeling you get after sweating like a pig to look like a fox. I’m really happy about this.


So mum just got back from her Europe vacation and here are some of the presents she bought me. I absolutely love them!

Lara Novales Gifts from France and Barcelona

mom bought me gifts from France and Barcelona.1 paris and 1 Bracelona shirt which are uber cute.

Bangle or Bracelet from Barcelona A Beautiful Bangle or Bracelet from Barcelona


A purple Necklace and Earrings from Barcelona

A purple Necklace and Earrings from Barcelona

A mini i Heart Barcelona Cup

A mini i Heart Barcelona Cup


A deck of Barcelona cards

A deck of Barcelona cards

Glass earrings from Barcelona

A gorgeous pair of handmade glass (blown) earings (heart shaped) from a Glass workshop in Barcelona. You should see this under lighting, it really sparkles beautifully!

A Barcelona Keychain and carabiner

A Barcelona Keychain and carabiner

So that is about it! I hope you enjoyed this entry! I had a great time working out and going through my presents.

Lara Krystle Novales
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Lara Novales Lunch

Day 11 of 161 Day to 100lbs

Day 11

Photo of the Day

Thinspo Photo of the Day 11

“Still addicted to Pilates. See my Cheap leggings. ^-^”

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Lara Novales Lookbook


What I wore in the Meena Fair at the Pakistan Embassy

Lara Novales Lookbook

Finally was able to post this. I know it was last week when I went to the Pakistan Bazaar called MEENA. This was what I wore to the event.

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Mehndi and fashion

Patterns and Mehndi

Yesterday I went to the Pakistan Embassy Bazaar.  I did not eat any breakfast and lunchEnglish: Sindhi Biryani is a delicious Dish of... so I can have some AWESOME homecooked Pakistani food! Mmmm… the Samosa, the Kebab patties and of course the BIRYIANI!. I love those so much. I didn’t eat too much though. I just got some sampler plates so to not upset my diet and tried them out and they were really good!





MehndiThese print leggings caught so  much attention at the Pakistan Embassy where people were adorned with their national costumes, I felt a little out of place ^-^ but not to worry, I headed straight to the Mehndibooth and had my hands and arms done. Henna (Mehndi) was very therapeutic! I loved watching the Pakistani girls draw intricate patterns on me.

MehndiHow they make it seem so effortless and easy. It was really beautiful how they just drew and drew patterns on countless number of people there. I wish I could have taken more photos, but having Mehndi on my arms… my movement was very limited. So I was unable to take
Photos of other people. Lesson learned, take photos first before incapacitating my arms full of henna. :P

Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales