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My name is Krystle Lane* I am in my early 20′s and this blog is dedicated to tracking my progress in my weightloss journey

Ever since I was a little girl I was always the “chubby” one. I always had a “bigger” built than other kids my age. It was mostly because of my bone structure. I inherited my father’s big bones specially around the torso area. Although I was very active during my childhood, I remained “fat”. A lot of people would call me “tabachingching” or in english “little-fat-kid“. This was hard printed in my mind that I was overweight, and was furthermore reinforced by my father who would always call me obese (even when I wasn’t clinically so). Deep inside I got very depressed about this but I never told anyone. On top of the name calling, when I hit puberty my breasts began to grow! I had he biggest boobs in my school, bigger than the highschoolers at the time. I got so self concious that I resorted to slouching in order to hide them.

I’ve tried to “lose weight” before but to no avail. I did not have the will power, or the determination to do so. I felt that I was going to be stuck like this forever.

My turning point was several different things altogether. First of all my breakup with my ex got me “semi” started on this journey but of course that was not enough. I merely just stopped eating food but gorged on junk. Then one day. My Aunt invited me to go out with her. I reached in my closet to pick one of my favourite outfits, but alas, when I put it on the blouse did not fit me properly. I looked like a holiday ham tied up tightly with string. I was going to pop out! I tried my other shirts and dresses, but non of them fit me. I got so frustrated I started to cry. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that I really WAS FAT! 147 1/2 pounds. The heaviest I have ever been. Since I am only 5’0 in height, that number is pretty much bordering obesity. I cried and cried and swore to myself that things had to change. I told myself that being FAT Ends right then and there.

So I started to look online for inspiration and I ended up looking at Thinspiration and blogs of the same suite and I was hooked. I felt from within me that “This is it!” I set up my blog and everything else. Read health magazines and articles online and the likes.

This blog is by far the best tool for me in losing weight because I get to track everything pertaining to my weight loss.

So stay tuned to my blog!
Be inspired and thinspired!

Krystle Lane

*not real name

21 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. missskinnygenes

    Hi Krystle, I just started reading your blog. I’m impressed that you are trying to make big changes in your life, and I think it’s really admirable that you care enough about your health to want to make those changes…I also read your disclaimer. I am a recovering anorexic, a recovering fitness competition wannabe, a recovering vegan, and a whole host of other “recovereds”, which adds up to a big scary formless mass called “eating disorder not otherwise specified.” I just want you to know that I’m not here to judge, but if you ever want a different kind of inspiration–not “thinspiration”, but the kind of inspiration that will help you love you for you no matter where you are on your journey, my blog (and others like it) can provide it. And if you ever feel down and depressed, or feel hopeless about your situation, like the “getting thinner” is becoming an obsession, unmanageable, anything, please reach out.
    I wish you the best,

    1. Krystle Lane Post author

      Hi Kaila!
      Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog.
      I have to admit I probably have to update my ABOUT ME section because I realize (after reading through it again now) how much I’ve changed. And I am able to see how I was before. And to be honest I started out with this blog with every intention to lose weight the unhealthy way. But during that journey I learned a lot of things as well. And that the healthy choices are always the best and surest way to fitness and healthy weight loss. Though I would never admit it openly to most people (and I still kinda don’t want to now) but I did develop some form of ED but I denied it with all I had. I was able to kinda “nip” it in the bud thanks to a great deal of other weight loss bloggers. And I’m really thankful for you reaching out and letting me know that there are people I can turn to when things start to turn sour. Thank you so very much.
      Weight loss is an obsession for me… or was, but now its more on fitness and getting healthier.
      I’m glad to know that you are recovering. I can never imagine myself having to go through something that difficult (for a lack of a better word).

      I’m looking forward to your posts. And again thank you so much for your kind words.

      Lara Krystle

      1. missskinnygenes

        I am so glad to hear that you’re finding peace on your journey. ED’s a tricky fellow, and he’ll always try his hardest to get into your head, even when you’re not suffering from an actual eating disorder. Just stay strong, and know that there will always be people out there to whom you can reach out and from whom you can learn. And I’ll be here if you ever need encouragement!

        All the very best,


  2. Patricia

    Hi Kristy Lane!!! ^_^ I started following your blog and I am starting to read your journey from the very start!!! I also want to do a weight loss blog but got lazy, I guess I do not have the same motivation you have… >_< I am new to blogging and I hope you could check out my blog and follow… ^_^ thanks!!! :)

    1. Krystle Lane Post author

      Hi Patricia!

      First of all THANK YOU for following my blog! And I have to say you must be crazy to read my journey from the beginning. HAHAH! nothing interesting really happened but I’m very honored that you are interested in my “journey” =^-^=

      Weight Loss blogs are fun and helpful most times. But sometimes it can get tiring and boring specially when you have to log in your food intake OVER and OVER again. And most times you just lose ideas on what to write about but it is a great way to get in touch with the weight loss community and have great support from follow weight loss bloggers. :P It also gives a certain pressure to actually lose weight and update progress pages and photos. :P I love it!!

      I will definitely check out your blog and follow yours as well. :P

      Sorry though it took forever for me to reply. I have been particularly busy with audition (i’m one of the directors and casting process can be a pain).
      Anyway have a great day!


      ps. Stay motivated!

      1. Patricia

        It’s my pleasure! ^_^ providing I have time, I will definitely view your older entries… :) I’m sure it’s worth it…

        I know what you mean, that’s why I gave up doing it immediately after I posted my first weight loss entry. I just knew it would take up so much of my time and once I start work, I wouldn’t be doing it at all because of the complicatedness… >__<

        Your work sounds really interesting… :) what do you do? What do you direct? And what was the auditions for? :)

      2. Krystle Lane Post author

        HI Patricia,

        I am a pioneering actor for China’s Largest English Language Theatre Group called “Beijing Playhouse”
        Although, now I am an Assistant Musical Director for this year;s Christmas British Comedy production of SNOW WHITE.

        Basically I wrote the music/lyrics and teach the actors and performer to sing them and coach their voices and what not. :P


  3. Yany

    Hi krystle lane! Through searching for tips on how to eat out but still lose weight, I bumped in to your blog. I can relate to you since I’m also like you who was always teased as “fat” and “tabachinching” since little. I never had a chance to lose so much weight. Though I was a swimmer during my elementary to high school days, my baby fats did not totally lost at all. I am now 21, 5’2 in height and weighs 156lbs. I tried to exercise a lot last year but our vacation in Iloilo brought back all the weight I’ve lost. My weight was 140lbs when I lost 10 lbs but 10 lbs came back after that vacation. I’m glad I read your blog and I hope you can be my workout buddy? I’m going to graduate this April and I will start again to exercise regularly because vacation will start and I don’t have nothing to do. Hope we can be friends? I will follow your blog posts and progress. Goodluck on your weight loss journey! :)

  4. Debbra

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  5. Celia

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  6. Bette

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  7. Darryl

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  8. Matthias

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  9. chiqui rose

    hi!wow,i just discovered we are on the same page,I also have a body built fit for chubby,..i inherited my bone structure also from my father..I never experienced to be “thin”..well,i really became thin when i had bronchopneumonia way back in high school…

    even when i played in soccer and swimming in college,i just became fit w/ my body structure..i mean,sort of tone down…yet when i started working..argh,became chubby again!

    i admit i had the tendency to jump from thinking of be on a diet,then let go…what a bad thing,i know…

    reading all your introduction and posts about becoming thin….

    im inspired!…i like to loose this extra baggages i have in my body,and have a healthy,lean and fir body…

    thanks for inspiring me!

    its me again,Chx


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