Still Breathing – A Draft line up for the next Series of Posts

Hey everyone. I just want to drop by real quick to let everyone know I’m still here but I still havn’t found the time and frame of mind to blog properly  I have been having a bit of a difficulty with some things in my life that I need to fix (yet again). 

I know I am behind by 3 posts or more but I swear I will do all my best to update this as soon as I can. Maybe I can make some time tomorrow or after Thursday. 

Just to let you know here are just a few things lined up this week

Day 9 and Day 10 at Eclipse Gym

3 New Recipes

Notice and Announcement for my Personal Facebook Page

Probably the transferring of my cosplay posts to my personal Blog or something like that. I havnt’ really pondered on this as of late because I really have a lot of things in my mind. But basically thats that. 

So please bear with me for a bit more.

Lara Krystle Novales

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2 thoughts on “Still Breathing – A Draft line up for the next Series of Posts

  1. Jaclyn Hosier

    Hey, I’m glad that you haven’t abandoned this blog, yet. I’ve only recently found your blog and I’m finding it very inspirational. I’m currently going through the 30 Day Thinspiration Challenge, even though I don’t have an online blog of any kind. I look forward to seeing you post again. =D Never give up, Never surrender!


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