Day 55of 161 Days to 100lbs

Day 55

Photo of the Day Bayonetta cosplay

” Just say no to junk food ” – Anon


Granola Bars

Bread with mozerella

Moon cakes

Granola bars

Dance Class


To be honest I don’t remember much of what I ate today because I seem to be eating while doing something so the food didn’t even register. But right now I do feel kinda bloated and funky which is not a good thing. Tomorrow I have to cook veggies to counter act all the “crap I ate today.

In case youare wondering what the heck is the matter with my photo of the day. I’ve just been so engrossed with anime lately and I still haven’t calmed down from my fan girl mode. I swear. Its crazy.

But before I go into that I just wanted to share with you a couple of things.
 I have been trying to sort out the things in my life. And its not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. I had to give up some things/people for the time being just to get myself straight. I can’t really disclose much of my personal life here in this blog because I’d very much like for it to stay private. But anyway, things are not going as well as I’d like it to be. I just find myself trying to distract myself instead of trying to solve whatever it is I have to. (gah I feel so stupid).
So keep your fingers crossed for me okay?

Enough with the sad stuff. On to the inane topics.

OMG I’m just so in the mood to just go anime loco at the moment. I still can’t get over my childish feelings towards my beloved Japanese cartoons! I dunno why but I am really in-love with everything that has to do with Japan. Anime, Food, Culture, Lifestyle, Language, EVERYTHING! OMG OMG.

**sigh** Anyway I don’t feel like writing anymore because someone is nagging behind me and its really rather annoying because I can’t focus on what I wanted to say. so WHATEVER. BAH!


ps. I really hate it when I can’t concentrate on what I’m typing and I just lose the want to do anything. ARGH!

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