Day 25 of 161 Days to 100lbs


Day 25

Photo of Day

Fitspo Photo of the Day 25


A break from weight loss ^-^….NOT

Tomato, onion and basil couscous

Cream of mushroom soup
Tofu noodles with cucumber and some weird tofu thing

Granola Bar

Pop Pilates – Bikini Blaster


So what did I do today? Went to dance class, and we learned a Jazz/hipHop choreography for a song called”Get ‘Em” (i think). I have not been to Jazz class in the longest time and it was such a pleasant time in class today. I really missed it so much.

Anyway the highlight of my day was painting with sis and mum. I Suggested that we bonded over paint and paper. And I think it was a successful quality time together. I managed to paint two artworks.

NOTE: I can’t draw to save my life but I love using rendering tools like oil pastels and paint.
┬áSo I’m really trying my best in painting. :P Here are my two works for tonight:

Lara Novales painting Cat

Lara Novales painting sunet

The first artwork I did was an attempt to paint my cat. :P And the next one is just a tree in the sunset. :P

So there you have it. I put all my emotions and effort on these two. :P I want to be able to improve on art skills so that I can kills time making decent art pieces. :P What do you guys think?

Lara Krystle Novales




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4 thoughts on “Day 25 of 161 Days to 100lbs

  1. Lela

    I like your pictures! I used to draw/paint a lot but not so much anymore–kind of lost interest in it. Art is a great way to relieve stress though.


  2. Doris

    I glad I found this blog, I started exercising and eating healthy, there are days I am not motivated at all, now following, you inspired me! I love the paintings, keep painting, you are good at it. ;) Love the tree, I love trees.

    1. Krystle Lane Post author

      I’m glad you found my blag as well. :P and I’m really happy that i was able to help you in the little ways that I can. :P
      I hope I can keep inspiring you to keep up the good work in healthy eating :)
      I know you can do it!!



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