Day 17 – 18 of 161 days to 100 Lbs

Day 17 – 18

Photo of the Day

Thinspo Photo of the day 17

Photo summary of the past days. :P

So don’t ask me what I have been eating the past few days because I honestly cannot recall much because I have been really busy with the theatre camp and its just crazy. Full dress rehearsals for the kids and what not.

But anyway here is the low down on theatre stuff and this is going to be a rather photo heavy post because I really just want to share this with you. :P

Because today is the last day of theatre camp and it is the performance day of the kiddos we had a kiddy after show cast party. Photos with people and food… not the kind that we like though… :(

Me and Liv. OMG look at my thunder thighs WAAAAHHHH…. she is so skinny and awesome looking compared to me. MEH. hahahaha! Someday.
FACT: She is a vegetarian. ^-^

Lara Novales Beijing PLayhouse

I think his name is Zhang. He is a volunteer last minute because we needed more man power so he came as our relief. :P Fun days too bad my Chinese is really bad so we couldn’t converse properly but we still had tons of fun :3

Me and Mr. Titziano making silly faces.

Beijing playhouse

Me and Mr. Sylvio ( i don’t know if I even spelled that right.)

Make Up room for the kiddos. :P

Laying out the party snacks for the kiddos. :P Meh EVIIIIL SNACKS

Sister and Mr. Titziano mocking the snacks. :P

Contemplating on having some. I really love these stuff. hahahaa!

Well there you go. in fuzzy photos. To sum up the day. YES I did have some snakcs. Namely a slice of lemon cake with 2 strawberries, a few chocolate chips, 1 choco wafer stick, 1 Choco mallow pie, and 2 handfuls of Cheetos cheese puffs and a handful of Lays. hehehehehe! There you have it. Straight from the weight loss blogger’s mouth. But It was not a binge because everything was in moderation. :P

What do you think?

Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales

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2 thoughts on “Day 17 – 18 of 161 days to 100 Lbs

  1. Lela

    I think you look great! And working on plays seems like fun :) Those types of snacks always seem to find a way to my mouth too hahaha… but I wouldn’t worry because you had them in moderation :)


    1. Krystle Lane Post author

      Working in theatre is really fun! I have a great time doing it. I’m not much of an actress, but I kick ass in musicales. :P hahaha!

      I’ve been doing PIlates religiously everyday and alsmot every night and I think it really does wonders. Though I am not shedding the pounds, I’m toning up my body and it made me lose I think a dress size. :P



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