Thinspo pHoto of the Day 13

Day 13 of 161 Days to 100 Lbs

Day 13

Photo of the day

Thinspo pHoto of the Day 13“Ate mud…. its disgusting. I don’t think I can eat tomorrow..”

Its the weekend so I don’t count calories

Hey guys, I know its one negative thing right after the other. I seem to be having a bad eating week for some reason. This morning I made Miso Based Ramen with some breaded chicken breast. It was so great but I had a form of heart burn right after because I think I had too much of he soup. Then for dinner I had the most DISGUSTING and MUDDY tasting steamed Tilapia (a kind of fish).

You see I was really looking forward to the steamed fish because I have been craving for real Protein for the past few days. And then finally today we were able to go to the fish market and bought 2 Tilapia and I was really REALLY excited to have friggin’ fish. But when we cooked it and ate it… good lord! It was sooooooo BAD! It really tasted liek it was marinated in fucking MUD! UGH! I hated it so much. So I had to down other things as well to get rid of the god-aweful taste in my mouth. I had half a mind to force it out of my system but I was too afraid of what it will taste when I purge it out so I just kept it in and drank like 3 giant glasses of tea and some preserved plums.

Overall I hate this day… I don’t think I will even post this on my facebook and twitter because it was just really awful. I can go on and complain about that horrid fish.

anyway, make sure if you guys cook fish… make sure its fresh and not muddy and icky… UGH!!!!!

tomorrow I’m fasting and only drinking tea and I’m doing more Pilates and dance… I just want to get rid of the fish in my system.

Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales

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