Day 08 of 161 Days to 100lbs

Day 08

Photo of the Day

Thinspo photo of the day 08

“Out of things to say at the moment.”

Laksa (1 Serving) - 
400 calories

Laksa ( 1 Serving) - 
400 calories

  Omelette W/tomatoes and cheese (1/4 serving) -
100 calories
Enchilada (1 bite)
23 calories

  Nature valley Granola Pecan(4 bars) -
380 calories

7 Glasses of water

Pop PIlates Beginner Total Body Workout (20 min)
241 calories

1,062 Calories

Hey everyone,sorry this post went a little bit later than my usual time I would post this entry. I pretty much blogged several things today. BLOGILATES, and Our Love Hate Relationship With Food/Diet. So I have practically ran out of things to say about today. Except I ate a dump load of Laksa today. They were leftovers from a dinner party my mother went to the other night I had to finish it before it went to waste.

Okay whatever…. never mind I just got pissed off by a certain someone at home. BLAH! not in the mood any more.

will post tomorrow.

Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales

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