Keep Calm: Don’t Give Up

Hey guys! How have you all been doing?Here are some few updates on weight loss. But before that here is my new facebook profile photo. :P I just thought of haring it with you all because I am feeling rather brave today. :P

Lara Novales

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I am tired. I’m tired of thinking about what I’m eating, I’m tired of looking at the scale that is not changing. I’m tired of feeling tired. Am I quitting?   Of course NOT! I’m not going to quit if its that last thing I do. I will keep pushing myself forward even during the days when I feel like everything is not going my way. I may complain about it and vent out here or to my friends or to whoever but I’m not going to quit. If my path seems to be blocked I will go find another way around it. If I’m boxed in and there seems to be no way out. I’m going to blast a friggin hole on the wall and make a way of my own.


So, what brought on this sudden never-day-die post? Well early this morning. when i woke up, I was feeling sick and I was supposed to go and have a badminton date with Lampel but since I was not feeling well i couldn’t go. Which made me feel lazy and fat and my self esteem started to spiral downwards because I’m extra hormonal because my period was supposed to come now but it still has not which is making me edgy because my bloated feeling wont go away unless I get my period and when that finishes as well. **inhale** You get the picture. So I was supposed to blog about how ugly and fat I feel and how much I wanted to give up but mid way through it I had a change of heart and decided to fight the bd feeling and face it head on and bash it in the face! BOOM!

Okay getting hyper. I’m glad I’m over the bad feeling for now. But don’t get me wrong I am feeling tired but I know it will pass. happens to everyone ever now and then. I just need to remind myself of all the clothes and SHOES I bought yesterday and count my blessings. Plus I do need to take a break/breather from weight loss. The ECDE left me tired and empty and I do not recommend it to anyone. My head was too empty to even make the documentary because it really leaves a person without any brain power.

So anyway, what do you do to get rid of spiraling self esteem?


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3 thoughts on “Keep Calm: Don’t Give Up

  1. Lela

    Your facebook picture is lovely :) I usually just push my issues to the back of my mind. But it really does help to face your problems and deal with them once and for all. It’s like a weight is lifted from you when you finally sort out something that’s been bothering you :)
    I’m glad your’re re-motivated! I believe in you, girl. You bounce back fast :)



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