Thinspo To Keep Me In Check

Thinspo by the lake

Katy Perry Thinspo

Thinspo Side view

Diet Coke Thinspo

Thinspo tattoo

Fragile Thinspo

Thinspo in a skirt

Thinspo boots and legs

Its been A while since I posted some Thinspo Photos. I know how THINSPO may ring different types of bells in everyone’s head but these photos help me a lot in keeping my head back into the game. They serve as a Goal chart and motivational booster for me. I am a very visual person and these thinspo photos really stimulate my “I-want-to-get-thinner-and-i-can-do-it” mind set. So anyway I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales

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3 thoughts on “Thinspo To Keep Me In Check

  1. Chilah

    Lovely with another blog about eating disorders, and with lots of lovely thinspo!
    Feel free to visit my blog about my anorexia, I’m at the moment on a 30-day fast! :)

  2. Manda

    how do I stop myself from drinking soda? I’m very serious! I really really really want to loose more weight and there’s soda all the time at work in the fridge and I can’t stop myself from drinking it! it’s wasn’t stoping the last 10 pounds from coming off :-( I need motivation! I need help!

    1. Lara Neko-Chan Post author

      Sheer willpower. But here is what you do. Think about all that sugar you are packing in. Its very bad for your health, not only for weight loss but you may develop diabetes if you keep drinking soda. Make youself a chart or a calendar checklist. Try going for 30 days without soda. Check one box for everyday you are clean off soda then reward yourself after every week. (Not with food but some other form of reward), then after the end of the 30 days give yourself a major treat (not sodas).

      I think that a reward system is something that usually works for everyone most times.

      Tell me how it goes and good luck!

      Lara Novales
      Thinspirational Journey


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