Thinspirational Journey 009

-Day 09-

Quote of the Day:

You know it is time to diet when you push away from the table and the table moves.

-Cockle bur

Thinspirational Photo of the Day:

Breakfast: Fiber Crackers

Lunch: Fiber Crackers

Dinner: 25g of Trevally fillet 1/4 cup rice

Snack: -none-

Water: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] Tea: [1][2][3][4[5][6] Soda: [1]

Physical Activity: Whole Day Cleaning again

Journal: I haven’t weighed in yet. This is because I don’t actually own a weighing Scale! I know right! I need to buy one A.S.A.P. so I can better monitor my weight loss. It has been a little bit difficult these days because when I see food I just imagine myself gorging to death! Its difficult because I LOVE FOOD so much… too much actually and to say “no” to it is like a druggie saying “no” to his weed. Lets just say that I am a food-a-holic and this weight loss journey is like rehabilitation for me. :)

Its really odd though. A lot of people have been breathing down my throat saying “this” and “that” about my approach towards losing weight. I say to them “SCREW YOU” I mean Come on. Now that I am more conscious of what I eat and cook healthier food in smaller portions you say I’m not doing the right thing? ugh! It makes me sick to my stomach listening to the crap that you say.

I eat less, and I work out more. Isn’t that the basic idea of a healthy diet and excercise program? Okay Eat less and eat healthy. Yes I do that! now more than ever. Last month I ate nothing but Fried crap! And instant shit! But ooooh you didn’t know that now did you? Now I’m having salads along with my grilled fish or Ramen or what-have-yous. Gosh!

Is it soooo wrong to want to be skinny?

I mean come on! COMPARE! Which body would you rather have?!

Do you want more examples?

So? Have I made myself clear enough? Perhaps once I don’t put anything on my food log and really not EAT anything, then THAT’S the time you can BITCH at me. GOSH!

Fun Stuff:

I just felt like this was a fun thing to post. :P
The last bit about “keeping the weight loss to myself” is not applied. to me though. Since I have a blog that everyone can read. >.>


Krystle Lane

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10 thoughts on “Thinspirational Journey 009

  1. leilacorvina

    Again, my only suggestion would be to add more veggies so that your diet will be more balanced. If possible, try to have carbs, protein, and veggies in all your meals. My general guideline is–the more colorful my food plate is, the more balanced in nutrients it is. Maybe you do have vegetables everyday but they’re just hidden in your meal. Like ramen would have vegetables, right? Get more natural fiber and whole grains, too, like, whole wheat bread, oats, y’know… Just some friendly suggestions as your mum. The fiber crackers are a start. Very important to the body that wastes are eliminated regularly and effectively which fiber and roughage help your body do effectively. Did you know that up to 5 kg. of impacted wastes can be in your intestines (or somewhere there) if they’re not eliminated properly? Fruits and vegetables are good sources of fiber and roughage. Nuts and seeds too, I think.

    1. Krystle Lane Post author

      yeah! veggies on my plate everyday now. :like last night I had tortang talong. :) I try to always eat veggies everyday because I know I lack in fiber. My staples in the fridge now are carrots, tomatos(fruit), papaya, cucumber and chinese cabbage. :) for now. Then next time I’ll add other vegetables since I’m planning on going Japanese food. :P or something of the sort. :P
      Thanks mum.
      Don’t worry my anger is not pointed towards you. :P
      Actually you have been more than supportive. :)
      Love you!!!
      Cant wait to see you both in a few weeks!

      1. leilacorvina

        Good to know you’re adding more veggies now. I try to make my meals as colorful as possible. For one thing, it looks more attractive and appetizing that way. And I know that in all probability, it’s healthy and well-balanced in nutrients (more or less). If you have access to ingredients, you might want to have a Mediterranean cuisine month!

      2. Krystle Lane Post author

        Hmmm I dont have much experience in cooking med. style. But I will try maybe when you guys get here or something. *sigh* but knowing my grandma she’s going to feed you guys FILIPINO food and stuff like that hahaha! Well we’ll see.

  2. Jen

    LOVE THIS. i feel the same way. fuck all the haters! happy and pro ana. thats me. thats you. we can be strong together no matter WHAT those nasty, fat, oil consuming ignoramuses say to us……. yea!

    1. Krystle Lane Post author

      :) hahaha say it loud say it proud girl!
      We are much much stronger than the people who ridicule us yea?
      “The greasy fry cannot lie, the truth is visible in your thigh” fits them just right.

      Stay Beautiful!


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